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Our purpose 

IBG is a smart city integrator that aims to better people's lives around the world through the Internet of Things (IoT) technology. IBG's products and services provide better lighting for city inhabitants which increases safety.

Additionally, IBG makes cities more efficient by collecting real-time information for city assets, such as traffic, security, pollution, and municipal utilities. Starting from the same tireless search to develop cities, safe and efficient, Spider-K is born, the constructive solution that is revolutionizing the construction sector; join Spider-K at: 

Unrivalled in-house expertise and capabilities IBG Smart City calls upon an enviable set of in-house resources and expertise to deliver its market-defining Connected City Platform. 

Secure Storage and Data Centres


Software and App Development


Content and Marketing 


Data Analytics and Monetisation

Our vision

IBG Smart City is born from the union of wills of its Management Team and their express desire to bring the IoT benefits to the service of the Community, for the true use and enjoyment of the ordinary citizen in any place of the world, no matter their origin or social statues. The world advances, globalization is a fact and it is a right that technology is approachable to all people and nations to improve their quality of life.

 IBG Smart City belongs to a holding of companies, IBGroup, and it is supported by :

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