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Smart City Platform - a complete solution for the city

We create open Smart City Platforms that can combine information from many connected devices and data sets to enable organizations including local authorities and councils to provide a range of digital services to residents, businesses and visitors.  

The Smart City Platform combines 'blanket' WiFi connectivity, data analytics, Smart Small Cell infrastructure, and 5G ready networks utilizing the Internet of Things (IoT) to deliver digital transformation, insights, and new digital services.

Our Smart City Platform helps local authorities and governments implement digital connectivity, promote digital inclusion, create a digital high street, and provide digital services, improving the lives of their customers and end-users.
It enables the creation of a Citizen Portal which can incorporate data from a wide range of sources to deliver information across the full range of council services.
Through our powerful City Insights Data Analytics engine (the Smart City Manager) we help organizations create, monitor and report on their data and provide the tools to enable them to generate insight to make better decisions and outcomes.

Connect - Our unique network of digital infrastructure combines high-density WiFi with LPWAN for the Internet of Things (IoT), giving blanket coverage over an entire town/city.
Smart City sensor platform makes it easy for cities to deploy and maintain smart street lighting. It is low cost, modular, and integrated into a single form factor. The sensor platform is plug-and-play compatible on more than 500 million streetlights worldwide, and offers light controls, surveillance, environment monitoring, and public WiFi.

Custom sensor modules, integrated into the IBG Smart City platform, can be used to collect data on a variety of factors. For instance, water and electrical meter monitoring, environmental and agricultural sensing, or traffic surveillance. IBG offers low or high volume custom sensor designs.
IBG's Smart City platform is a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) Internet of Things system. Application and operating system support is available for lighting controls, environment monitoring, surveillance, public WiFi, etc. The IBG platform has certified third party Application Program Interface (API) integration.

Public WiFi Solutions 

FREE public Wi-Fi access will be delivered with IBG's gigabit Wi-Fi unit which creates wireless hotspots where people can access the internet at no cost. Public Wi-Fi has many benefits for cities and users, such as convenient access to services, support for tourism, and communication channels for disaster relief. With the IBG platform, cities bare no cost for providing public Wi-Fi since costs are covered via advertising revenue. Wi-Fi enabled street lights are estimated to gain $500 USD yearly in ad revenue per light. This revenue is then shared between the city (20%) and IBG (80%) Advertising is delivered in three ways.


Paid Advertising 

Paid adverts are displayed on cell phones and mobile devices when accessing the free public WiFi. 

Click-through Advertising

Paid advertising when consumers click advertisements to get more information.

Beacon Advertising

Paid ads where advertisers push coupons and adverts based on location and the proximity to services being offered.

Free Public Wifi

free wifi eng.jpg

Public-Private Partnership


Our proven end-to-end WiFi solution offers high-speed wireless coverage with 24/7 network support, ready to be deployed not only along cities worldwide but also within stadiums, shopping malls, airports, cruises, airplanes, residential communities, music festivals or any other large open-air event, etc. We are ready to let people share all those magic moments:

An end-to-end WiFi solution for stadium

Stadiums and other large sporting venues have become notorious for their poor connectivity. The stadium environment concentrates a large volume of users, causing existing cellular networks (3G/4G) to slow and leading to woefully inadequate coverage, with expensive data rates for accessing content.

This isn't just an annoyance for fans, but also a missed marketing opportunity for free 'word-of-mouth' advertising for sports teams, as fans often like to share their experiences on social media.

Some clubs do try to implement WiFi in their stadiums, but finding a solution that is both fit for purpose and reliable is a step too far for most, with numerous technical and logistical hurdles to overcome. That's where we come in. With the rare combination of in-house assets, experience and resources to do the job, IBG Smart City is able to offer a proven, high-density WiFi solution to provide high speed wireless coverage to fans in stadiums as an end-to-end solution.

A great experience for the fans while giving the opportunity for clubs to build their brands digitally through a mobile loyalty and engagement app.

Improving the fan experience

As well as delivering fast, seamless connectivity to high numbers of users in a logistically challenging environment, a robust, efficient WiFi network at a festival or large open-air event provides a wide range of associated benefits - both for the fans attending and the event organizers.


State-of-the-art Hardware:

Access to market-leading networking infrastructure to deliver a best-in-class solution.

24/7 Network Support:

Deployment of a stadium WiFi network from conception to completion, bespoke to the environment.

Bespoke Branded Portal:

An engaging log-in portal, facilitating potential advertising opportunities and data-driven insights.

IoT Solutions:

IoT Sensor Technology Solutions - Changing Lives Through Technology

IBG Smart City provides a range of products and services that utilize advanced IoT smart sensor technology as part of our Connected City Platform.

This technology combined with intelligent data-driven analytics provides insight to help deliver cost savings and efficiencies for public and private sector organizations as part of the digital transformation. IBG Smart City is helping to shape in towns and cities across the world.

The smart city sensor platform is an all in one unit that is uniquely designed for general smart city use. A variety of imbedded sensors make this unit useful for many applications, such as:


Smart Transportation

IBG's LED street lights make for brighter and safer roads, and the lights can be remotely disabled when roads are not in use. Additionally, sensors can provide alerts of possible lighting failures which allows for better maintenance planning to limit road closures. Cameras, microphones, and motion sensors, mounted to Smart Street Lights, can help to analyze vehicle or pedestrian traffic patterns and volume. This information can be used to manage city services; For instance, determining optimal bus routes, ideal times for road work, or identifying collisions.

Smart Parking

Sensors or cameras installed on IBG's street lights can identify if parking spots are vacant or filled. This data could be used to bill drivers, or identify parking infractions and abandoned vehicles. Alternatively, this technology can assist in directing drivers to available parking.


Smart Security

LED street lights create safer environments by lighting common areas. Cameras and motion sensors connected to IBG's Smart Street Lights can automatically turn lights on or off depending if people are in the vicinity. Video monitoring and facial recognition supports security and law enforcement by identifying potential threats or infractions.


Smart Waste Management

Sensors connected to IBG's Smart Street Lights can monitor trash bins to measure fill-levels. Cities can use this information to plan waste collection schedules and routes, saving time and money. IBG's Smart City platform is ideal for deploying waste management systems.


Smart Utility-Grade Metering

Smart meters record consumption of utilities (e.g., electricity, water, or gas) and communicate the information for monitoring or billing. Cities can improve the efficiency and reliability of utility networks using utility-grade metering. For example, a city can optimize its distribution network to reduce electrical power outages and brownouts. IBG's Smart City platform is well suited for utility metering since it can power smart meters and transmit information.


Smart Air Quality Measurement

Air quality measurement allows cities to monitor pollution levels that affect citizens' health and wellbeing. Street light poles are an optimal platform for mounting air quality sensors since they can be placed along city roads and spread evenly throughout a city. Sensors draw power from the light poles and relay information using communication technology in IBG's Smart Street Lights. This setup captures more data points, at a lower cost, compared to traditional large industrial air-sensor units.


Intelligent weather monitoring

 By monitoring weather patterns, cities are better prepared for extreme weather and natural disasters such as snow, rainstorms and hurricanes. Knowing the changes in the weather allows cities to be more proactive in coping with sudden changes in the weather. For example, the programming and planning of snow removal on the roads, a tsunami warning or sudden change in temperature (cold or heat wave) The IBG Smart City platform is ideal for housing weather monitoring equipment and It provides a source of energy, can transmit data and can be distributed throughout the city.


City Vision

 Our Smart City Manager is a powerful analysis and data platform, which is part of the solution for a Connected City, providing cities with safe and direct access to their information and the ability to control intelligent public lighting and connected devices. The system is a convenient and efficient way for cities to manage public lighting and collect data. The features of IBG Smart City Manager are:


Smart City Manager

IBG's Smart City Manager provides cities with direct secure access to their information, and the ability to control street lights and connected devices. The system is a convenient and effective way for cities to manage street lighting and to collect data. The IBG Smart City Manager features:

City Insights platform through the IBG Smart City Manager offers a complete suite of location-based data analytics tools which provide a greater understanding of the users occupying your public spaces. By analyzing and reporting on collated data, the IBG Smart City Manager provides valuable insights into people's movements, trends and habits allowing you to make predictive and informed decisions with real-time data.

In a time where people are 'permanently connected', an ongoing challenge for organizations, whether they be landlords, local authorities or retailers, is to find a solution not only helps collate the massive amount of data generated from their public spaces but also helps make sense of that data. Our the IBG Smart City Manager provides a simple intuitive user interface to achieve just that.

By further integrating existing data sets and open data sources, IBG Smart City Manager provides the building blocks to deliver a previously unavailable digital understanding of your space. Access to IBG Smart City Manager via a dedicated secure web portal. Different levels of access are provided to meet the needs of your organization. A dedicated mobile version of the portal also gives you access and complete control of your information on the move.


IBG Smart City Manager provides an easy-to-use dashboard and reporting suite.


Access IBG Smart City Manager securely from any device, even on the move.


Powerful analytics engine providing footfall heatmaps, defined time clusters, street movements and customer journeys.

IBG Smart City Manager Access Levels



Receive the core, key insights from the platform, including:

⦁ Total Registrations to date

⦁ New Registrations - previous week

⦁ Returning Users - previous week

⦁ User registrations - last 30 days

⦁ Unique users - last 30 days

⦁ Users over time - yesterday

⦁ User registrations - last 365 days



All of the functionality offered with the Silver package, plus:

⦁ Ability to export data to dedicated reports

⦁ Concurrent Users

⦁ Most popular registration locations

⦁ Total sessions

⦁ Network throughput

⦁ User demographics (including User type, age, gender, postcode)

⦁ Calendar heatmap of unique users

⦁ Most popular browsing locations

⦁ User devices

⦁ Setup, configuration and training



All of the functionality offered with the Silver and Gold packages, plus:

⦁ Individual user accounts based on role

⦁ Footfall data for all Wi-Fi enabled devices

⦁ Footfall data by user demographic for registered devices

⦁ Usage heatmaps

⦁ Defined time clusters

⦁ Street movement and customer journeys

⦁ Dwell times

⦁ Integration of external data sources

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