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Urban Heat Island Solution

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Dancing Fountain

Have you ever seen captivating water, music, and light spectacle, performed under a selection of different melodies?

We can make real the fountain you can dream of, featuring powerful water nozzles that shoot water up to impressive heights.

Over 6,000 wet super lights working in perfect harmony, while over 20 color projectors create a visual spectrum of over 1,000 different water expressions, and in the same time dozens of colour projectors provide a full spectrum of colour with a total output of over 1 million lumens…? WE CAN MAKE IT POSSIBLE.

A full power in over 75,000 liters of water in the air at any given moment dancing with the music (from an opera´s aria to the last hit)

Dancing Fountain-1.jpg

IBG Smart City offers various devices and technologies for smart city applications. The company's line of products provide immediate savings for cities worldwide. IBG Smart City offers numerous combinations and configurations of products to meet the unique needs of every city. 

Smart LED Street Lights

Why Smart?

Product Reliability

We produce safe and reliable products using Made in Korea products among more than 40 parts constituting street lights.

 Integral Cooling Engine (ICE)

Every IBG Smart City Street Lights incorporate an ICE. This is much more efficient than the competition:

⦁ Produced AL 0.1 ~ 0.3T as-all-in one type

⦁ Cost reduction ½

⦁ Weight lightning 1/5

⦁ The heat-sink surface has increased for 300% more (than a conventional heat-sink)

⦁ The heat conduction and smoothness have increased for 60% more (than a conventional heat-sink)


The keys:

⦁ Engine with fin type heat-sink panel structure - Secured know-how for mass protection

⦁ Great cooling performance - Patent: Technology protection

⦁ Easy to assemble and do machining - Weight lightened structure

⦁ Maximized cooling surface - Integral cooling structure

Cooling Engine, which is only 0.7kg, is a core heat dissipation part that effectively dissipates heat generated from LED to prevent performance degradation and damage.

Our patented technology for cooling engine and its manufacturing method is manufactured through a single pressing process, so it can be mass-produced and there is no discarded raw material. It is manufactured in a form that does not have separate fastening part for fixing to the substrate so it minimized the product cost and weight.

By adopting folding processing technology, it can be transformed into various shapes with a heat dissipation area of at least three times that of other heat-dissipating engines of the same size.


Product Weight


The weight of our 60W security lamp weighs 1.8kg, and the 120W street lamp weighs only 3.9kg.

The light streetlight does not require replacing existing lanterns and reinforcement work.

Lightweight street light equipped with equilibrium system can reduce replacement work time and labor cost by more than 30%.


Ultra-light weight polycarbonate case


The keys:

Corrosion protection, Lightning prevention, Excellent strength, Anti UV, Photo sensor, Customer chooses the design and color of the case depending of its needs and preferences

⦁ Metal products absorb radiant heat directly, while non-metallic polycarbonate protects parts inside the product from radiant heat and prevents deformation, shortening of lifetime and malfunction of products.

⦁ Polycarbonate is a non-metallic material that is light and safe from lightning.

⦁ It has strong temperature characteristics and does not cause thermal deformation from -80 ° C to +130 ° C.

⦁ It has high surface strength and impact strength, so it is not crushed or easily broken or corroded.


Why LED?


​Long Lasting

Long and predictable lifetime: The projected lifetime of LED street lights is usually 10 to 15 years, two to four times the life of currently prevalent HPS.

 Low Energy Costs

LEDs are the most energy efficient lighting solution as they consume up to 80% less power than conventional lighting.

LEDs use only a small amount of the energy of a conventional bulb, so there is a substantial decrease in power costs.

 Low Maintenance Costs

LED´s long lasting will mean lower maintenance cost

LED lights are shock-proof, and produce less heat than traditional lighting resulting in less wear, but much less thanks to our ICE patented technology.

 Efficient Lighting

A LED much more powerful than the competition thanks to our ICE patented technology, that allows to adjust the desired cooling of the LED and thereby improve its performance.

More accurate color rendering and uniform light: The color rendering index is the ability of a light source to correctly reproduce the colors of the objects in comparison to an ideal light source. Improved color rendering makes it easier for drivers to recognize objects.

Quick turn on and off: Unlike fluorescent and high-intensity discharge (HID) lamps, such as mercury vapor, metal halide, and sodium vapor lamps (commonly used in street lighting), which take time to heat up once switched on, LEDs come on with full brightness instantly.

Reduced glare: Directing the light downward onto the roadway reduces the amount of light that is directed into driver's eyes. LED lamp assemblies (panels) can send light in the desired directions without a reflector (as conventional lights work)

 Environmentally Friendly

RoHS compliance (adopted by EU): LEDs don't contain mercury or lead, and don't release poisonous gases if damaged.


Crime Reduction

The improved quality of light given by LED street lights can help to reduce criminal activity. Criminals often target poorly lit areas, and thus LED lighting can act as a criminal deterrent.


Security Light installed in South Korea by IBG in 2015


Streetlamp Pole - Composite Shell System (CSS)

 Our commitment to quality forces us to use the most advanced material possible, also on the poles, with our Carbon Composite Manufacturing System.

Our Composite Shell System (CSS) is a carbon-fibred pole, a material that combines extreme strength and endurance together with an extraordinary lightness, which is why it is used by the infinity of technological developments, by NASA, in Formula 1, in the most modern engineering works such as bridges or footbridges, or even in the manufacture of the most sophisticated combat aircraft.

It´s cheaper and stronger compared to other lamp poles (as those manufactured in Aluminum or Steel) as well as light enough to be able to be hauled by a single operator; great advantages, reducing labor and logistics costs for installation and delivery.


The possibilities for designing carbon-fiber posts are endless (in shapes, finishes, colors, textures) which makes them the ideal complement to incorporate all the technology and functions that IBG Smart City is capable of developing.


Surveillance Cameras

 The right to feel safe and secure is a fundamental principle of a healthy and functioning society.

With IBG Smart City solutions for city surveillance we can help you in keeping the public safe, while at the same time respecting personal integrity and not monitoring more than necessary.

Using city surveillance is not just about protecting the public from crime or keeping treasured buildings safe from vandalism.

It's also about making sure that the traffic flows and minimizing the risk of accidents. A city that runs smoothly and is perceived as safe can really make a place bustling with life. This in turn gives an overall boost to your city image and attracts tourists and investors. With city surveillance solutions you can add to the quality of life for your citizens - the ability to create a safer, smarter city is in your hands.

Anything can happen in a large city, every minute of every day. It's impossible to be everywhere at once, and a waste of time and police force.

With IBG Smart City solutions for IP surveillance, you can follow your entire city in the sharpest real-time HDTV. No matter the weather conditions. No matter the time of day. No matter any attempts at tampering.

videocontrols english.png

Intelligent Security Lighting installed in South Korea in 2016

Positively identify everyone on site

Protect public buildings from crime and graffiti with cameras placed strategically and conspicuously at eye level - inside and out. With IBG Smart City wide dynamic range cameras (WDR) you get clear HDTV images even in strong backlight, such as large entrances with glass doors. These images are so sharp they can help you identify people for an investigation. The ideal tool for security and enforcement applications, supported by the state-of-the-art face recognition software, we provide (Third party software integration is also possible)


When night falls, or winter comes

See what goes on in your streets and parks at night with the help of IBG Smart City thermal cameras and Heatfinder technology*. By visualizing heat radiating from people, vehicles and objects, thermal cameras let you see through complete darkness, smoke and haze. Even in very low-light conditions, you can still get excellent color images thanks to our Heatfinder


* Thermal cameras and Heatfinder technology are part of the Premium Security package, along with up 5 megapixel resolution & 35x optical zoom (maximum details for better identification) Normally, due to the power of LED lights, even in dark areas, between 2 and 3 megapixel, will be enough to grant a high level of security indoor / outdoor. Thermal cameras and Heatfinder technology can be also deployed only in specific areas of the city (helping to decrease the total cost of the installation)

Optimize the traffic flow

With intelligent video applications you can get automatic alerts when the traffic flow deviates from normal. Early detection of congestion, accidents or stopped vehicles makes it possible to quickly bring the traffic back to normal again - so everyone on the streets can get from point A to point B as quickly and safely as possible.


Get a wide and narrow view

Squares crowds of people and festivals, are a challenge, as there are very large areas to cover. With IBG Smart City PTZ cameras (pan/tilt/zoom) you get a 360 degree panoramic overview of large open spaces, while also being able to detect movement from great distances and zoom in to see every detail of what's happening.

Sin título-1.jpg

Boost your existing surveillance

With IBG Smart City deployable solutions, additional cameras can be easily integrated to cover special events such as demonstrations, riots, outdoor concerts or sporting events. IBG Smart City cameras are outdoor-ready right out of the box.


Control center - Monitor your whole city at once

From a centrally located control room the whole city can be monitored with real time video from all cameras - even deployable ones. This means the right number of personnel can be sent to where they are most needed, not wasting time or responding to false alarms.


The surveillance solution that your city needs

The keys:

* Real-time HDTV video to track events live 

* Open standard, connectible with other systems in the city 

* Pan/tilt/zoom functions for far off identification                     

* Secure, vandal-resistant cameras with tampering alert

* Excellent images in dark and bad weather conditions          

* Intelligent video applications and analytics

* Open system, compatible with old, existing equipment         

* Assurance of future compatibility​

Speech Recognition Technology

Our patented Voice Recognition Technology helps prevent natural disasters or minimize their damage, by enabling the Control Center to notify the population throughout the city, as well as facilitating the declaration of the State of Emergency for example by Terrorist Alert . But at the same time, it acts in multiple channels and enables emergency alert or to capture "Distress Calls" in multiple languages, making the Authorities replenish automatically and being able to focus assets and resources in said emergencies (traffic accidents, attempts of robbery or sexual assault, etc.)


Street Light Controller + Hub

IBG Smart City street light controller enables LED street lights to become an intelligent network which connects to sensors, remote devices, and cell phones. The controller provides centralized controls, and can be remotely upgraded and programmed.

Our street light controller offers many advantages for cities and municipalities, such as:

Light Control

IBG's controller is plug-and-play compatible with expansion modules. It offers on/off and dimming controls, and utility-grade power monitoring.


Environmental Monitoring

The light controller can be equipped with sensors for comprehensive air quality measurements, in addition to temperature, pressure, and humidity.



Sound detection is available with light controllers to detect traffic congestion, car crashes, gun shots, etc. Internal and external camera options can be applied for traffic and parking monitoring.


Gigabit Wi-Fi

Optional gigabit Wi-Fi capabilities are available through IBG's street lighting platform, which can give citizens access to fast Internet over their cell phones. Gigabit Wi-Fi supports more bandwidth, and can accommodate more devices and users, than previous wireless standards. Additionally, gigabit Wi-Fi supports higher data rates over longer distances, and better wireless performance.

IBG's gigabit Wi-Fi unit is an industrial grade 802.11ac module featuring dual band 433Mbps transfer speeds, and enterprise security (e.g., SSL/TLS and SSH, EAP, CCMP, etc.). It supports wireless, optical, or ethernet backhaul to any 802.11 gateway. IBG's Wi-Fi unit integrates with Mobile Network Operator (MNO) provisioning tools.


Controller Configurations

IBG Smart City's optional light controller hub provides hard-wire connectivity on each street light via four ports. The patented controller allows external sensors and devices to be easily installed into the network, and is ideal for devices with Power over Ethernet (PoE) connections. IBG Smart City offers a variety of sensor configurations depending on needs and requirements. Common setups include the following:

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